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On The Other Hand

On the Other Hand is a podcast that explores politics and other issues of importance to Arkansans through conversations with community leaders in Arkansas. Co-hosts are Glen White and April Chatham-Carpenter, both of whom are active leaders in Braver Angels in Arkansas and nationally.

In this podcast, our goal is to serve as a venue for honest and civil conversations about a variety of topics with community leaders of diverse perspectives, especially those who work with others whose views or politics differ from their own beliefs.

On the Other Hand is based on the premise that progress in our community and country happens when we listen respectfully to each other and are willing to work with each other when needed, so that problem-solving can occur and our citizens have hope of a more functional government. Ultimately, we want to help reduce political polarization in Arkansas and our region.

Hear past episodes here https://ontheotherhand.podbean.com/